ShareLogi LTd.

Sharelogi are experts in Operations & supply chains, enabling the optimal sharing of logistics warehouses globally.

At ShareLogi, we view the sharing of available logistics warehouses among companies as an act of primary importance, one capable of protecting the environment we live in.

In our experience, there are a great many companies in search of appropriate storage solutions to meet their unique storage requirements. This is especially true in the case of pharma, cosmetics, hazardous materials, chemicals, hi-tech and other industries with specific storage requirements and exacting regulatory demands. To resolve this issue, we, at ShareLogi, developed a collaborative platform that interfaces between available storage spaces around the world and companies in need of unique storage rentals. 

In addition, the ShareLogi team of experts provides analysis, consultation and end to end problem-solving services – all pertaining to your busines’s operational decisions.

Contact  +972-55-9995910 or fill in the form below. we will get contact you at our earliest convenience

Experts in Operations & Supply Chain

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